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Avanti Salon - We Specialize In You!


Here is a sampling of what clients have to say about Rita Smith and Avanti Salon.

“Rita Smith has cut my hair every three weeks for at least the past eight years.   I have always been pleased with how she cuts my hair and I can’t imagine going to anyone else.  She always remembers my preferences and takes the time to get things just right.  I have also enjoyed our conversations and Rita’s positive outlook on life; she is delightful.” Gordon Dyott, Former CFO of Monroe Bank

“I have had my hair cut on three continents, maybe four. I have had everything from “short back and shine” to on the shoulders long. And the range of stylists has been vast, including English, French, Portuguese, South African and a plethora of American men and women of every color, people with bouffant and lopsided hair and sometimes lifestyles.

When I finally found Rita, my hair raising travels were over. I sit back in her chair with a sigh of relief and always get up with gratitude for the extreme pleasure of simply a good haircut. I admit it is fairly short but to be able to run my  hand through it if I don’t have a comb and just go on into my day without worry is a great luxury.  I was never able to do that even with short boarding school hair.  I think Rita has been cutting my hair since 1996 and you can believe I’m totally faithful because I have never been so happy with my haircuts.” Lynn Johnson

“My husband has been going to Rita for haircuts since 2002, when we first moved to Bloomington.  Until four years ago I had long hair, partly because I didn’t like beauty salons, but when I decided it was time for a change I asked Rita what she could do. What she did is brilliant—the new short hairstyle has people asking me “who does your hair,” and I love it because I wake up in the morning, shake it a bit, and I’m ready to go. Rita is really good.” Anne Johnson

“Rita has been my stylist for over a decade. I have followed her through four locations in Bloomington on every side of town, and would continue to follow her even if she relocated her business somewhere hours away. I was never the type to seek out the perfect personal stylist, having trimmed my own bangs and bravely sat down for a professional hair cut once or twice a year prior to meeting Rita. But once I experienced her expertise, finesse, and sheer talent – not to mention her bold, positive, outgoing, sparkling personality – I realized that I had found “my stylist.” To say that Rita is AWESOME is an understatement of the highest degree.” Suzin Snyder